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Women, Babies & Children

About the Women’s and Babies’ Unit

Since March 24, 2013, pregnant women planning to give birth at the Niagara Health System have had their babies at the new St. Catharines Site, Women’s and Babies’ Unit.

Patients are cared for in a state-of-the-art facility by healthcare providers who are experts in maternity, newborn and women’s healthcare.

Mothers and babies are cared for by our passionate and dedicated healthcare team in our bright and spacious, family-centred facility. We offer state-of-the-art birthing suites and quality, safe new mother and baby care that are a model for hospitals across the province.

In the new ultra-modern birthing rooms, healthy mothers deliver babies and they stay together in the same room. There are 17 private, Labour/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum rooms in the unit.

There are also 2 operating rooms for c-sections, 20 inpatient beds for mothers who delivered by c-section, 24-hour rooming-in facilities for partners, an Infant Security Protection System, and lactation consultant support.

More than 2,700 babies were born in the unit's first year of operation.

The length of stay is usually 24 hours for an uncomplicated vaginal birth and 48 hours for the normal caesarean section delivery. Patients with medical problems may stay longer than this.

Our Women’s and Babies’ program was developed in consultation with world experts. By centralizing these services at the St. Catharines Site, we are making the best use of the latest technology and equipment, human resources and training, and in turn enhancing patient care, patient safety and quality of work life. It is a model that will attract new physicians looking for communities in which to set up practices and serves as a medical teaching unit for both doctors and nurses for years to come.

Inpatient and outpatient women’s gynecological services are also provided at the new St. Catharines Site. Minor gynecological procedures continue to be available at our sites in Welland and Niagara Falls.

Features of the new Women’s and Babies’ Unit include:

  • 17 private labour/delivery/recovery/post partum rooms
  • Two operative delivery rooms for C-sections
  • 20 mother/baby inpatient beds for those who deliver by C-section
  • 24-hour rooming in facilities for parents
  • Infant security protection system

The St. Catharines Hospital Site offers Pre-natal orientation tours coordinated and arranged by hospital volunteers. 

If you wish to attend a pre-natal orientation tour please reserve your spot by calling
905-378-4647 extension 44630

You are encouraged to call at least 2 months before your due date to make tour arrangements.
As space is limited on each tour, each mom is able to bring 1 other person with her.


About the Children’s Unit

Childrens UnitOur Children’s Unit is located adjacent to the Women’s and Babies’ area, and provides a full range of pediatric services to children up to age 18.

The Children’s Unit is specially designed for our younger patients and their families, with vibrant colours, a play room, artwork on the walls, special lighting, a family apartment suite, a family lounge and other unique features. There are 24 beds, including a room with three closed observation beds, two clinical decision unit beds for patients under assessment, and four rooms for child and adolescent mental health services.

An intensive care unit, also referred to as a special care nursery, provides services for newborns who require close observation, care and assessment. This unit features single room care, a parent lounge area and overnight rooms.

Emergency Department pediatric care continues to be provided at our Greater Niagara General and Welland sites.

Features of the new Children's Unit include:

  • Special care nursery (an intensive care unit for newborns) with 18 bassinets
  • Single room care
  • Family apartment suite
  • Family lounge
  • Playroom
  • Overnight rooms