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Speech Language Pathology

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The Speech Language Pathology department offers complete inpatient and outpatient adult and children’s services for speech, language, cognitive communication and swallowing disorders. Regional swallowing (dysphagia) clinics are provided at Greater Niagara General, St. Catharines General and Welland Hospital Sites where video-fluoroscopic swallowing assessments are carried out and swallowing therapy is provided. Staff is now involved with the Ontario Stroke Initiative, providing communication training for staff members who interact with patients who have had strokes. The department is in a very successful partnership with Speech Services Niagara to streamline the provision of speech and language services to all preschool children.

Contact information:

Call (905)378-4647 and enter the site extension you would like to reach.

  • St.Catharines Site - ext. 46270
  • Niagara Falls site - ext. 54928
  • Welland site - ext. 33392
  • Fort Erie site - ext 50212
  • Port site - ext. 32221