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Patient Satisfaction

The Niagara Health System (NHS) is an active participant in patient satisfaction surveys, with a goal to evaluate hospital care and services and to report to the public how our health care system is functioning. This process includes NHS patient and visitor feedback.

Through patient satisfaction surveys, we receive information that helps us identify where we are doing well and highlights where there are opportunities to improve our care and services.

NRC Picker is the company hired by the province to co-ordinate the patient satisfaction survey process for all participating hospitals. The NHS provides a listing of patients discharged to NRC Picker, and they randomly select patients to receive the survey. The survey is mailed directly to patients by NRC Picker and completed surveys are returned by mail to NRC.

As well, our Complex Care patients are interviewed periodically with the patient’s permission. As part of this survey, a family member or frequent visitor is identified and a satisfaction survey is mailed to their home to get additional feedback.

Completion of the survey is voluntary and all responses are kept confidential. NRC Picker analyzes the results of the returned surveys on our behalf and provides us with reports, which we review to assist in identifying where we are doing well and to highlight where we may have opportunities to improve the care and services we provide.

We appreciate the feedback that is provided to us through this survey process. We encourage all patients and family members who are selected to complete the survey and to express your opinions, both positive and negative, in an open and frank manner.