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Laboratory Accreditation

Congratulations to the Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) for the successful completion, once again, of its peer assessment by Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (OLA) in October 2012.

The Laboratory Program will respond to OLA with corrective actions to minor non-conformances that were cited during their accreditation review. In early 2013 the highest accreditation award possible (a four-year certificate) will be issued to the respective lab sites.

This assessment is based on OLA requirements which ensure the organization is competent to carry out testing in a reliable, credible and accurate manner. The process provides assurance that our lab program has an effective quality management system in place and meets the requirements to competently carry out examinations.

A team of nine assessors visited all sites of the NHS lab program in late September to assess the practices in each laboratory and related clinical units performing Point of Care Testing and blood and blood product administration. Each hospital laboratory was evaluated on over 450 individual requirements or standards over five days. The NHS LMP has standardized practices for all laboratory sites to provide the same level of quality service.

Every day, our laboratory staff and pathologists carry out hundreds of tests for our patients.

“We could not have achieved such excellence without the hard work and dedication that our laboratory staff and pathologists provide to our patients and clients every day,” says Dr. Suhas Joshi, Chief of the Department and Regional Director of Laboratories. “On behalf of the laboratory leadership team, I would like to extend sincere congratulations to all and thank you for the continuous quality service that you provide.”